Gaming Istanbul 2016

BannerGIST (Gaming İstanbul)
“Gamers meet where continents meet”

GIST (Gaming İstanbul) is a video games & digital entertainment exhibition by GL events Fuarcilik. Located in Turkey, the third biggest market in EMEA region which is listed as “one of the top countries to invest for gaming companies,” GIST is designed with the vision of being the global meeting point for gaming community & industry.

GIST is a gaming bridge that connects continents & players and gaming companies with professionals. With the motto of “GIST of everything gaming,” GIST provides tournaments, interactive events, cosplay shows, career conferences and alike to connect everyone & everything related to gaming. GIST also houses a virtual hunt game that is played in real life by real people, The Hunt Game.

First episode of GIST will be held during 4-7 February at Istanbul Convention Center. Also, on 3 February 2016, at Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel, professionel designers & developers from international game studios will meet with market professionals at “Concept Design” and “Virtual Reality” conferences.

GIST targets 100.000+ visitors for first year.

GIST by numbers

Three offices at Ankara, İstanbul, İzmir
Dedicated team of 9 professionals
10.000 m² exhibition area
100.000+ visitor capacity for 2016
Live streams from exhibitions area
Concerts, competitions, tournaments

GIST Visitors

High school student
Born in age of gaming
Gaming is a way of life
Lives in social media
Never misses a new title
Shops online

University student or fresh employee
Born in the age of gaming
Gaming is a way of life
Can’t give up social media
Never misses a “big” title
Shops online

Professional, white collar or self employed
Born before age of gaming
Gaming is a hobby
Uses social media
Never misses a “big”game is time’s right
Shops online

Professional manager or self employed
Veteran gamer, old timer
Kids are born in the gaming age
Gaming is a hobby
Uses social media – Sometimes
Like technology – Sometimes
Shops online - Sometimes

GIST Exhibitors

–        National & international game studios
–        National & international game distributors
–        Console & hardware manufacturers
–        Console & hardware distributors
–        Mobile game & hardware manufacturers
–        Game developer associations
–        Game developers
–        Gamer designers
–        Academic foundations
–        Media & interactive media companies
–        Electronics retailers
–        Figurine & toy manufacturer
–        Figurine & toy distributors
–        Software developers
–        Professionals

Sirha Istanbul 2015

BannerSirha Istanbul is the reference activity gathering at the same time and place the entire restaurant, hotel, food & beverage industry, while responding to all needs and demands of visiting companies. Sirha Istanbul is being organized under the cooperation of GL Events Exhibitions, by its Turkish office GL Events Fuarcılık.

Like in the past, from the first Istanbul edition held at 2013 up today, with the significantly increasing number of exhibitors and brands, professional visitors, and activities illustrating latest trends of the sector, Sirha Istanbul, as the most prestigious Hotel and Food & Beverage Management Event of Turkey will bring together the whole industry for the third time, at Istanbul Congress Center, on
26 – 28 November 2015.

Taking place in the center of Istanbul at Istanbul Congress Center to facilitate access to the show, Sirha Istanbul 2015 will host once again a breathtaking program of prestigious events and animations. Synchronously with the show, events such as Bocuse d’Or Turkish National Selections, Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie Turkish National Selections, Sirha World Cuisine Summit and Leaders Club International Exchange conferences, Omnivore İstanbul master-classes will be held. The Taste Inventory of Anatolia in its second edition will continue to exhibit many hidden, unknown Turkish regional gastronomycal treasures to the visitors.

Healthcare Informatics Summit 2015

The 3rd International Healthcare Informatics Summit, bringing the global leaders of health-care and ICT together is held in Halic Congress Center on 8-9 May 2015. With the main theme on “Efficiency in Healthcare”, it will define the agenda and future of the sector and the innovative developments worldwide regarding health-care ICT will be analysed and new road maps will be designed. In the summit where the concept of Digital Hospital will be elaborated in the agenda, emphasis will be placed upon the Smart, Green and Paperless hospital models and Technologies.


• The ICT companies will seize the chance to meet the executives of the sector so that they could introduce their products and services to the target audience.
• In the conference sessions where expert lecturers will analyze the health-care ICT sector by and large, all participants will be informed about the future of the industry.
• Ground will be established for public-private and university partnership and development of new projects will be ensured.
• A platform suitable for exchange of information will provide a new vision to Turkish health-care and the participants will share their success stories with the executives.
• The participants will learn new ideas and action plans first hand regarding the digitalized public and private hospitals.
The participants will have an opportunity to perform a different demonstration and presentation to the target audience by applying the healthcare ICT solutions in a full-time working hospital environment



• Turkish Ministry of Health and Provincial Directorates of Health
• Turkish Ministry of Economy,SSI and ICTA Authorities
• General Managers of Public Hospitals and IT Directors
• Administrators from University Hospital Managers and IT Authorities
• Owners, CEOs and CIOs of Private Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions
• The executives of the companies undertaking hospital constructions
• Chief physicians, physicians and nurses
• The owners and managers of medical companies
• Managers and technicians of medical laboratories
• Turkish Red Crescent officials, Blood Center officials
• The managers of related NGOs and Associations



• HBYS and ERP Software Systems
• Cloud and Large Data Technologies
• 3D printers and virtualization
• Wearable technologies, mobile devices and application, Tele-Medicine
• Information and communication – Telecommunication
• PACS, Numerical Medical Archive, Medicine and Material Tracking
• RFID, sound and imaging technologies
• Green hospital, energy efficiency and optimisation
• Smart Hospital Management and Digital Guidance
• Operating room, laboratory and patient’s room technologies
• Product and service providers of the Hospitals of the Future

Ankaff 2015

“Ankara the capital of Handicrafts Furniture”

"Ankara Siteler" established in 1960, from that time it has become a sought-after brand in Turkish furniture production field. Handcraft furniture from its first production became "creative works" so-called "classic", that changes your area to "living space" with its strength and perennial design.

Parallel with developing and changing world, some producers started production in large-scale factories on the different industrial areas of Ankara. They produced “Modern Furniture” by new method, that changed our life and also differentiated "Ankara Furniture".   

By reason of that Ankara is the capital of state, it has a significant performance in construction of public and private sectors. Ankara at the same time is government purchasing and some Turkish brands production and presentation center of office furniture production and turnkey decoration.

ANKAFF will be a fair where "Ankara Furniture" manufacturers could present themselves also will be special “address” for all national and international companies engaged for opening new markets under the same roof.

Sirha Istanbul 2014


Date: 26-29 November 2014
Exhibitor : 190
Vistors : 10352

Expotroia 2014

BannerDate : 16-19 May 2014
Exhibitor : 55
Sponsors : 4
Vistors : 7540

Expotroia 2013

BannerDate : 15-18 May 2013
Exhibitor : 55
Sponsors: 5
Vistors : 6850

Sirha Istanbul 2013


Date : 7-9 March 2013
Exhibitor : 145
Vistors :7870